What I Wrote in April, Versus What Was Read in April That Earned Me a $500 Bonus

That bonus was certainly NOT about what I wrote during the month

I was one of the lucky writers who earned a $500 bonus from Medium in April. This is what the letter they sent said:

“Medium members are discerning readers, drawn to great writing — like yours. To recognize the writers who made the most impact on members this past month, we’re rewarding 1,000 writers with a $500 bonus. Congrats, that’s you!

You made it here because the stories you published in April received the most member reads, claps, and follows. So, nice work! It’s writers like you that make Medium and the Partner Program a living network of insightful thinking. Keep the good ideas coming.”

So I imagine you’d like to know just what I did to earn that. Here’s the list of all the stories I published in April:

Yup, that’s the whole list. The first story of the month is the explanation for why I wrote so little this month. I’ve got a hole in my eye. Surgery is scheduled soon, so I’ll be writing even less in May. The point I’d like to make here is that these stories didn’t earn me a bonus.

THESE stories earned me a bonus. These were the stories that added to my regular earnings, made people clap, and enticed them to comment.

Add to these the 85 stories that earned at least .01 and you can see that the real goal of earning on Medium is building a deep catalog of material. The more you write, the more you will eventually earn. Seriously. It works.

Thanks for perusing my list. And if you read, clapped, or commented on anything of mine in April, THANK YOU!

30-year freelancer. Found on: Newsweek, Cruise Critic, MSN Travel. Writer’s Toolkit weekly series on The Writing Cooperative https://melindacrow.substack.com/

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