But if Twitter is then legally liable as a publisher (in your opinion), they have every right to remove or label his potentially libelous statements (perhaps not this one, but DEFINITELY others) in defense of their platform, which you have now deemed as no longer neutral.

If courts rule that Twitter is neutral and therefore not liable for content that others place on their site, Trump gains nothing other then the ability to continue to post Tweets.

Twitter need only modify its user agreement to include language that prohibits misleading or false information while giving themselves the authority to label suspected content with a warning that they do not verify accuracy (the same way Medium is doing with Covid-19 stories.)

If courts rule that Twitter is a publisher (which is what it SEEMS Trump wants) then they could simply delete any account that might be providing facts for which they could be sued-- including Trump's.

Either way, it seems like a no-win for Trump, other than as another bully pulpit tactic to enrage/misdirect his followers.

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8x NATJA prize winner; #TBINchat host; pericarditis patient. Found on: Newsweek, Cruise Critic, MSN Travel. Writer’s Toolkit https://melindacrow.substack.com/

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