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Writer’s Toolkit

I have 76,000 followers; that has almost zero impact on who sees my tweets

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I’m not about to scrap my 76K followers. They still have value, but only as potential audience members (which, believe it or not, earns me money, from time to time). They do not, however, add up to consistent eyes on my tweets the way they did in the good old…

Writer’s Toolkit

Deep dive into 7 creative ways to use Ko-fi that don’t resemble begging

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Lets all take a deep breath and start slapping price tags on a few more of the things we slave over. It’s honestly not begging. It’s providing information, assistance and/or entertainment for a fee.

Last week we talked about all the ways writers can monetize their writing. I’ve seen the…

Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off my desk. Tomorrow’s story for the Writer’s Toolkit series I write for The Writing Cooperative details my research on creative ways to use Ko-fi that aren’t the typical begging for coffee change. As I do with all my research for that…

First, you’ve got to learn how to write $60 stories consistently

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Two dollars per day. That’s what a story must earn, averaged over a 30-day period, to fit into your $1,000 base pay plan. It sounds pretty easy, and sometimes it is. The hard part is doing it story after story.

In case you haven’t been following along, I’ve put together…

Shameless self promotion in short form. After resisting the whole “buy me a coffee” concept for a long time, I have become a believer in Ko-fi. Turns out it is way more than a tip jar or a place to beg for donations. I will be posting exclusive content there…

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