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30-year freelancer. Found on: Newsweek, Cruise Critic, MSN Travel. Writer’s Toolkit weekly series on The Writing Cooperative

Tom Handy really nailed it on his story about interviews and trial runs with companies you hope to write for. His advice to study everything the company is already publishing…

Here’s my writer crush for the week. It’s actually my second one this week, but who’s actually counting? Jenny Mundy-Castle, M.S.T, Ed.Spec, ENL, Ed.Lead wrote this piece back in March…

Last month Linda Caroll wrote about not telling other people what not to write. My God, I love that woman, but I’ve got one thing I need to tell people…

Here’s a 12-step method for crawling back on

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There ought to be a 12-step program for what we do as creatives. Seriously. You know as well as I do it’s an addiction, but the addiction to the work itself usually is secondary to the results of that work. I enjoy writing. I am madly, passionately in love with having written. The former is necessary to drive the latter, therefore I write.

But every now and then there are bumps in life’s road and we find ourselves sitting in a mud puddle in the middle of nowhere watching the wagon speed away, leaving us without a single creative thought…

Writer’s Toolkit

The ability to write a quality email may be the most important tool in your writing arsenal

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Let’s face it, as writers, we can’t please all the editors all the time. There will always be one (or a dozen?) with quirky hurdles you must clear to stay on their good side. In my thirty-plus years as a freelance writer, I’ve dealt with my share of interesting editors. I was once called out by an editor on a discussion panel in a room filled with over two hundred journalists. Luckily, she called me a “kickass freelancer,” not something heinous, as I feared when she began to speak.

Since most of our contact with editors these days is via…

This would be my dream cruise: Sailing to South America on a Silversea luxury cruise ship, with Paul Theroux on board. I’ve sailed with Silversea before and of all my…

Writer’s Toolkit

Give your reader more choices to keep them coming back

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We’ve all been told the importance of putting our work out in multiple formats, but when your focus is on your writing, learning new skills like audio and video production can seem overwhelming.

I have an ongoing vision problem that has recently made me painfully aware of the accessibility of my own writing as well as that of my favorite writers. In an ideal world, every blog post or website we open would have multiple options for consuming the content. …

Melinda Crow

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